Role of commissioners

School commissioners play a key role. Elected by the citizens, they determine the orientations of the school board, taking into consideration the interests of the students, parents and electors of their community. Since the school board is an autonomous local government, the commissioners, who together make up the council of commissioners, exercise responsibilities comparable to those of municipal councillors. Since 2014, the chairs of school boards are elected by universal suffrage, meaning that the electors choose the person who will chair their local school board. The commissioner decides on the following matters:

1- the orientations and priorities of the school board;
educational and administrative policies;

2- the school board’s strategic plan;

  • the use of schools and training centres under the school board’s jurisdiction;
  • the equitable distribution of human, material and financial resources among the schools and training centres
  • the school transportation policy (including fees and walking distances);
  • summer courses offered and related fees;
  • awarding of professional service contracts (eg. in architecture or engineering) or hygiene and sanitation service contracts;
  • the budget orientations and expenses to be authorized;
  • the Policy on School Daycare Services;
  • affiliation with national or international organizations (e.g. International Baccalaureate) or withdrawal from these organizations;
  • fees for renting out rooms or space to municipal or community organizations;
  • social projects to prevent students from dropping out or to eliminate violence and bullying.


M. Wade Gifford


Mme. Mary Ellen Beaulieu

Tel : 418-296-6422
Includes the city of Baie-Comeau and part of the City of Sept-Îles as well as the City of Fermont

Mr. Mederic O’Brien
Tel: 418-409-8533
Includes a part of city of Seven-Islands to the limits of Petit-Mécatina.

Ms. Julie McWhirter
Tel: 418-391-7725

Includes the municipality of Maria to Pointe-à-la-Croix; Matapédia to Rimouski and Métis Beach to La Pocatière.

Sarah Thomas Jerome
Tel: 418-886-0823
Includes the municipality of Cascapédia-St-Jules, the city of New Richmond, Gesgapegiag MicMac reserve, and the municipalities of Caplan and St-Alphonse.

Mr. Kenneth Ward
Tel: 418-752-8260
Includes the municipality of St-Siméon, the City of Bonaventure, and the Municipality of New Carlisle

M. George Hayes
Includes the municipality of Paspébiac to the Municipality of Port-Daniel-Gascons,

Mr. Doug Hunt
Tel: 418-360-5511
Includes the municipality of Chandler to Sainte-Therese de Gaspé

M. Donald Bourgouin
Tel: 418-368-3054
A part of the City of Gaspé situated south of the Basin of the York River and that River

M. Ronald Mundle
Tel: 418-368-5227
Fax: 418-368-2284
Includes the municipalities of Matane to a part of the city of Gaspé situated on the North Basin of the York River and that River,
and the city of Murdochville

M. Kerry Dickson
Tel: 418-985-2311
The Magdalen Islands

Parent Commissioner Kathy Mackenzie
Tel: 418-396-2065

Parent Commissioner Jackie Bizeau
Tel: 418-965-4912

Parent Commissioner Rita Di Tanna
Tel: 418-722-6100
Special Needs

Parent Commissioner Rhonda Stewart
Tel: 418-360-7367
Member at large


Wade Gifford Présidente/ President
Ron Mundle Membre/ Member
George Hayes Membre / Member
Mary-Ellen Beaulieu Membre / Member
Kerry Dickson Membre / Member
Kathy Mackenzie Commissaire parent / Parent Commissioner

Functions of a Commissioner

Commissioners play a dual role. First, they make up the Council of Commissioners who are responsible for administering the school board. Their role of director may, in certain respects, be compared to the role of a director of a company. In particular, a commissioner must act with loyalty, and in the interest of the school board and the population served by the school board.

However, a commissioner may be required, in certain instances, to adopt a position that takes into account the interests of certain groups, persons or even his or her own interests which may differ from those of the majority of the council of commissioners.
*Legal Opinion: Langlois Kronstrom Desjardins dated October 2, 2004