Grosse-Île School

Grosse Ile School is a small anglophone school for preschool to secondary V. The school is in the center of the community of Grosse Ile on the Magdalen Islands, overlooking the surrounding waters of the Island and Grosse Ile harbour. Renovated in 1996, Grosse Ile School has bright classrooms, locker areas, and a community room and videoconferencing / meeting room with a gymnasium across the street. Our students now also have access to a brand-new sensory room. In addition, our playground Is well equipped for all ages and we have a vegetable and fruit garden, as well as a greenhouse located in our back yard.

Grosse Ile School also has a community learning center and over the years has developped many partnerships and ties with community. Finally, Grosse Ile School also has an adult education facility and offers programs to young adults. Grosse Ile School’s small, close-knit staff is dedicated to providing students with quality teaching and establish positive relationships with students. We also take pride in our very safe school environment Students are given vast opportunities to participate in many activities, workshops, and experiences Inside the classroom and out. They are also learning with technology and moving forward in the 21st century. Basically, together, we work hard at Grosse Ile School but together, we also achieve more! T.E.A.M – Together everyone achieves more!

Our Team

Donna Anderson
Staff Assistant:

Heather Turnbull

448, chemin Principal
Grosse Isle, (QC) G4T 6A8