Chairperson’s Message

Eastern Shores School Board has a special place in my heart. Despite the name changes over the years, it is the school board where I began my teaching career in 1964. ESSB is also the school board that I retired from and of which I am now the Chairperson.

The history of the school board began with the amalgamation of several district boards to become the Regional School Board of Gaspésia; followed by a merger with the Magdalen Islands, it became Gaspésia – the Islands School Board. In 1998, a final merger integrated the Protestant School Board of Greater Seven Islands into what became and is to this day, Eastern Shores School Board. With each merger the territory of the school board grew exponentially.

Teaching has also changed considerably since I began my career in education. Chalk and chalk boards were replaced by erasable markers on white boards and now smart boards and computers are the norm.

Teachers and students are constantly challenged with mastering subject matter and the technology that delivers it.

I am truly proud of the dedication and skills of the team of individuals who make up Eastern Shores School Board. From Pre-K through secondary V and Adult Education, all staff and administrators work relentlessly to ensure students a smooth and successful integration into today’s society.


Wade Gifford
Chair of Eastern Shores School Board.