The Transportation Committee shall provide recommendations to the school board on such matters as: Assisting Commissioners in developing expertise in the field of transportation; Promoting the principles of effective management by providing sound advice to the Council of Commissioners; Reporting to the school board as scheduled; Reviewing transportation policy; Reviewing and proposing delegation of authority to the Transportation Director.
The Parents Committee designates parents who will take part in various committees established by the school board such as: Education, Finance, Transportation, Educational Policies, and Adult Education & Vocational Services Advisory Committee. The Parents Committee advises on subjects conducive to the most efficient operation of the school board. They inform the school board of the needs of parents, and they give recommendations to the school board on matters such as: school closures, Deeds of Establishment, school calendar, dedication of a school to a special project, policy on Financial Contributions from Parents or Students. The Parents Committee also elects representatives to the English Parents’ Committee Association (EPCA). The Parents Committee elects four parent commissioners (one for the elementary level, one for the secondary level, one at large and one from the Advisory Committee on Special Education Services) to represent them at the Council of Commissioners.
The primary function of the Special Needs Advisory Committee is to advise the school board on policy and allocation of financial resources for the organization of educational services to students with physical or learning disabilities, social maladjustments and other difficulties which require special needs. The committee may also advise the school board on the implementation of an individualized education plan for these students. Annually, the school board informs the Special Needs Advisory Committee on the services and financial resources available as defined by the Ministry and must report to the committee and the Ministry on requests for reconsideration made under Section 9 of the Education Act.
The Executive Committee shall provide recommendations to Council on matters such as: Carrying out the functions delegated to the Executive Committee by the Council of Commissioners; Reviewing by-laws and bringing recommendations for change to the Council of Commissioners; Submitting a report of its activities and actions to each Regular Meeting of the Council of Commissioners; Receiving the opinion from the Student’s Ombudsman on complaints and considering his recommendation on appropriate corrective measures.
The Audit Committee shall provide recommendations to Council on matters such as: Seeing to the establishment of internal controls mechanisms and the optimal use of the school board’s resources; Reviewing periodic (quarterly/monthly) financial statements prepared by staff; Participating in the development of the annual budget; Reviewing the financial statements and any other report, findings or recommendations of the auditor, or any other person conducting a review of the financial management and internal controls of the school board; Reviewing such other matters as directed by the school board or as the committee considers desirable; Reviewing and proposing the delegations of powers given to the Director of Finance as well as board financial policies
The Human Resources Committee shall provide recommendations to Council on matters such as: Assisting the Commissioners in developing an expertise and experience with the selection criteria for persons to be appointed by the school board under sections 96.8, 110.5, and 198 of the E.A.; Carrying out any other task assigned to it by the Council, and by law; Reviewing and proposing delegation of powers given to the Director of Human Resources; Reporting to Council according to scheduled meeting calendar; Reviewing Human Resource policies.
The Buildings Committee shall provide recommendations to Council on matters such as: Developing an expertise and experience in building management; Promoting principles of effective material resources management by recommending appropriate policies; Reviewing directors plan “SIMACS” – 5-year plan; Discussing specific school building needs when needed; Reviewing policies such as contracts, rental of facilities, etc.; Reviewing and proposing delegation of powers to Superintendent of services.
The Governance and Ethics Committee provide recommendations to Council on matters such as assisting the Council of Commissioners in the designation of co-opted members; Developing, updating and overseeing the Rules of Internal Management of the Council of Commissioners and Executive Committee as well as updating the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct applicable to Commissioners; Evaluating the Director General; Reviewing Governance By-laws and policies.
Designating the student ombudsman (220.2); and Designating the Commissioner of Ethics
The E.P.C. shall have significant influence on the formation of policies as they are developed and implemented by the board. Therefore, the following matters are subject to consultation with the Educational Policies Committee: New teaching methods and how to implement them. The evaluation and examination of pupils in their studies, including report cards and reporting policy (frequency). Introduction of new courses. Educational research and experimentation. Criteria concerning the selection of instructional materials and textbooks. The integration of Special Education. Timetabling, including the scheduling policy throughout the board insofar as it refers to the number of days per cycle at the school level. Particular educational services in economically depressed areas. Technological changes and the use of computers. Any other item specified in the education act. Employee assistance program. Changes to report card.
The Eastern Shores Sports Committee is a body that attempts to make sure that there are sporting activities offered to the student population of the Eastern Shores School Board. The committee is made up of representatives from the schools of ESSB. At the annual meeting, held each June, the committee discusses items that are involved with sports that have taken place, or will take place in the school board. The main duty of the committee is to set up a sporting events calendar and make sure that these events have a host school, a convenor, make sure that the event runs smoothly, and to review the event once it has been held. The committee tirelessly at making sure that the Eastern Shores School Board has excellent sporting activities available for their schools and students year after year.
For more information visit the Sports Committee Website