Message from the Director General

Eastern Shores School Board is an educational institution serving three administrative regions: 01-Bas-Saint-Laurent, 09-Côte Nord and 11-Gaspésie et des Île-de-la-Madeleine. In these three regions, we serve three diverse cultural communities. Our students stem from the Anglophone and Francophone communities as well as from the First Nations communities of Gespeg (Gaspé), Gesgapegiag (Maria), Listuguj (Cross Pointe), Uashat, Maliotenam, Mingan, Natashquan and Kawawachikamach (Sept-Îles). The cultural uniqueness of our territory stands out in our educational programs, which are designed to include all cultures.

Eastern Shores’ vast and unique landscape can present challenges. Nonetheless, our staff are motivated to foster a conducive learning environment for all our students. Eastern Shores truly reflects its staff’s commitment towards collaborative success and, more importantly, a demonstration that they are respectful individuals working together within caring communities.

I have spent the last twenty-four years in the education sector, having held various management and executive positions, particularly in human resources.  Since entering the profession, I am proud to have served the interests of young minds in the public sector. As an ambassador of the public school environment, I am honoured to work closely with members of governance and members of the management team to promote the vision and mission of our School Board, which is to cultivate communities of learning from coast to coast and to equip our students, young and old, with the languages and skills needed to thrive in our multicultural communities and beyond.

Along with this great team of dedicated individuals, we will keep our eyes on the goals of our Commitment-to-Success Plan, our ears open to the voices of all, and our hearts committed to the student populations across our diverse communities.

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Denise Simoneau,
Director General of Eastern Shores School Board