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December 1st 2022

School Administrator’s Day

This year's AQCS theme, "From the Field to the Cutting Edge," highlights the role of school leaders in educational success and their innovative practices. Evidenced-based data, technology and working in synergy are part of the daily lives of these managers,…

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November 29th 2022

Public Notice – Financial Statements

Please look at the public notice concerning the financial statements and independent auditors report.

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November 22nd 2022

Notice of the Change of Time

Please look at the attached public notice of the change of time.

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Inclusive classrooms

At ESSB our focus is on neurodiversity and inclusion, so we want to share why inclusive classrooms are important. We celebrate that all learners contribute to the climate, success, and purpose of our classrooms. #inclusion #success #share #neurodiversity #inclusionmatters #inclusiveclassrooms