Saint Patrick’s Elementary School

St-Patrick’s Elementary is a small school with forty-one students enrolled from pre-kindergarten to grade 6 and we have a family-like atmosphere. Our families are involved in the lives of their child and together we form a great team to help them grow and be there to support them. Many of our students are from French families therefore, they did not speak English before they started school. We are proud to say that all our students are bilingual once they graduate from St-Patrick’s Elementary. We always try to organize a variety of educational activities for our students and many of these activities will be in our community or in the school. Our students have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities such as swimming, downhill skiing, skating, snowshoeing, sliding, nature walks, we believe it’s important to adopt a healthy lifestyle at that age. We organize activities for our students but we also teach them the role physical activity has in their lives and the importance it is to move around and to eat healthy.

Our Team

Nadine Savage
Staff Assistant:
Sharon Chedore
Julie Boutin


183, rue Commerciale, CP 3058
Chandler (QC) G0C 1K0