Belle Anse School

Belle Anse School is a small and close-knit community school. With our enrollment of 33 students, school life often resembles a family atmosphere. Our proximity to the coast, allows us to boast one of the most magnificent views of Perce Rock from our very own playground. However, while our students do observe the beauty of the natural setting, our educational philosophy makes use of the environment in much richer ways to promote learning, exploration and curiosity. Between the neighborhood beach and a forested area behind our school, our location is ideal for outdoor academic learning, building resilience and confidence as well as developing lasting healthy lifestyle habits. Our preschool students learn through nature, learn within nature, and often simply transport the classroom outside. With proper weatherproof gear and expedition backpacks these little learners are prepared to meet the elements and build their stamina. In fact, we promote enjoyment within our natural setting in all seasons for all of our students. By prioritizing the purchase of proper materials and equipment students can develop skills and learn to embrace physical activities that they may not have had the opportunity to engage in. We also have a sustainable gardening project that has grown over time with the assistance of several community partners.
The school community believes that social, emotional and academic growth must be fostered in tandem for students to succeed. Every principle, action and intervention hinges on the belief that our school team will put the whole child’s development first and foremost. With our small numbers, the staff get to know and understand how each child learns and develops high quality instruction that meets the individualized learning needs of each student. This includes an important emphasis on improved French proficiency and the focus on bilingualism which we feel will be a key to our community vitality.

The following belief statement is intended to provide a foundation to guide all actions by our school community:

All students have a right to learn, grow and reach their own highest potential.

Our Team

Beryl Boyle
Staff Assistant:
Marie Claude Brulotte
Helen Lucas

1298, Route 132 , Box 28
Barachois (QC) G0C 1A0