New Richmond High School

New Richmond High School is located in the heart of the town of New Richmond, Qc. It serves the Anglophone, Francophone and Mi’kmaq families whose children are eligible for English language. The NRHS community shares the responsibility for creating and maintaining a positive and inclusive climate where all students feel safe, respected, and supported. It is the responsibility of the NRHS community to foster the development of healthy relationships and create a supportive learning environment to ensure that all students maximize their personal and intellectual potential. To ensure and nurture educational success and social growth for all students we strive to improve relationships between staff and students while offering relevant learning opportunities to our students and pedagogy that is reflective of our students needs and learning styles. With the support of our community partners (Wejgwapniag School, Walgwan Center, Gesgapegiag Social Services, NRHS Community Learning Center, CASA, CAVAC, CALACS, CLSC/CISSS, Gesgapegiag Health Services, and Eastern Shores School Board) programs and workshops are offered to enhance the curriculum and the psychosocial needs of our students. In addition, NRHS benefits from support from the New Richmond High School Home and School Association and the Breakfast for Learning Program to provide healthy breakfast, snacks and lunches to students.

Our Team

Eugene Willett
Staff Assistant:
Jennifer Roy
Roxanne Boudreau, replacing Meaghan Deeth

163, Perron Boulevard West
New Richmond (QC) G0C 2B0