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January 9th 2024

Important Update: Creating Distraction-Free Classrooms for a Focused Learning Experience!

As we return to class, we’d like to remind students and parents of the important update regarding the use of cell phones in our classrooms.

As you know, we have received directives concerning using cell phones for minors in classroom settings. As a result, we have taken action to adhere to the directive and to create an environment that fosters a focused and productive learning experience for our students. With this goal in mind, we have asked schools to implement changes to restrict the use of cell phones in classrooms, making them “cell phone-free” zones.

This will ensure that our classrooms remain distraction-free and conducive to learning, we have asked all schools within our community to review and update their cell phone policies. As a result, we are implementing changes to designate classrooms as “cell phone-free” zones.

We greatly appreciate your cooperation and support in enforcing these changes. Together, we can contribute to developing a focused and thriving learning community.

Let’s make the remainder of this academic year a resounding success for our students!