How to Configure Microsoft's Outlook Express

  1. If you are opening the program for the first time, the setup wizard may start automatically, simply cancel it.
  2. Once the program has loaded, click the Tools menu and choose Accounts.
  3. In the Internet Accounts window that opens, click the Add button and then choose Mail ...
  4. In the new window that opens, you should be asked to enter your Display name; enter your full name (i.e. John Smith) and click Next.
  5. Now enter your full email address (i.e. and click Next.
  6. In the following screen, three pieces of information are needed:
    1. Make sure the incoming mail server is listed as a POP3 server.
    2. Enter as the incoming POP3 server.
    3. Enter as the outgoing SMTP server and click Next.
  7. Now you are asked for your account name and password. Enter your entire email address along with the password. As well, make sure that the box "Remember Password" is checked and click Next.
  8. Click Finish.
  9. You will now be back at the main Internet Accounts window. Make sure the account you just created is the one selected in the list, and click on Properties.
  10. This should open up the Account Properties window. Verify the information therein and then click the Servers tab at the top.
  11. In this window, verify that all the information is correct, and be sure to check the box My server requires authentication and then proceed to click the Settings button.
  12. Here you will want to verify that Use the same settings as my incoming mail server is checked, then click OK.
  13. This brings you back to the Properties Window where you next click on the Advanced tab at the top.
  14. Here you need to verify that the Outgoing mail (SMTP) port is set to 1025 and the Incoming mail (POP3) port is set to 110. Also, make sure that the Leave a copy of messages on server option is NOT CHECKED!
  15. Click OK and you're done!