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The discipline policy is based on the premise that personal freedom is accompanied by the responsibility to respect the freedoms of others. Common courtesy, good manners and manual respect are encouraged.

Discipline is meaningful when it is self-imposed or self-controlled. In order for any policy to be effective, parental support and co-operation is necessary.

The School Board endorses the concept of administering student discipline in a judicial and positive manner. The ultimate success of dealing with student rest with the school bus driver and School Administration. As such, discipline policy shall be governed by the following:

 Most discipline problems can be handled by the bus driver by explaining to the student what is required and why. If the problem persists, or if it is of a serious nature, the bus driver will refer the matter to the School Administration verbally, or by completing a Discipline Report, as outlined in Annex V.

 Singularly inexcusable conduct (i.e. threatening or assaulting a bus driver, vandalism, stealing bus equipment etc.) shall result in an immediate and indefinite period of suspension from school bus use.

 Disciplinary action is the responsibility of the School Administration. Schools will be expected to apply the discipline policy in order to ensure uniformity throughout the board in the application of sanctions.

 The School Administration will review the reports submitted by the bus driver and, when necessary, follow the progressive disciplinary process outlined below.

However, the school Administration may decide to follow a different course of action. In that case, the Transportation Department will be consulted.


First offense: Warning by the School Administration.


Second offense: Letter to the parents/guardians.


Third offense: 3-5 day suspension of school bus privileges.


Fourth offense: 5-10 day suspension of school bus privileges.

  It is the parents/guardians responsibility to ensure their child gets to school each day during any period their child has been suspended from the school bus.


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