Homework Policy

Homework constitutes the return of requested information to the school, the completion of regular classroom assignments and the reinforcement / consolidation of skills and special projects determined by classroom teachers. Our policy assumes classroom time has been used wisely.

Recommended Homework/Study Time

Primary 1 3 . 15-30 minutes nightly
Grades 4 - 6 ...... 30-60 minutes nightly
Grades 7 - 8 ...... 70-80 minutes nightly
Grades 9 11 90-110 minutes nightly

Homework ...

  • complements curriculum learning expectations (the knowledge and skills students must acquire to be successful) and assists students in the completion of daily class work and their assigned homework. (i.e. math exercises, note-taking, good copies, etc.)

  • reinforces classroom learning (practice drills, study skills, review)

  • needs to be monitored and checked consistently by teachers (daily use of agenda, consequences for incomplete work)

  • contributes towards assessment and evaluation of student progress

  • includes daily assigned reading (novel studies, research, use of public libraries, reading for pleasure)

  • needs to be fair and equitable (all students should have equal access to resources they need to complete homework)


  1. Select a good place to do homework and have the necessary materials.
  2. Set some achievable goals and manage your time well to achieve them.
  3. Schedule your homework time and stick to it. Use the agenda planner daily!
  4. Post a monthly calendar near your study area with important due dates.
  5. Be responsible for yourself.
    1. know what homework has been assigned and record it in your agenda
    2. plan for some review and study time
  6. Speak to the teacher prior to class when problems with homework occur.


  1. Help your child find an appropriate study area. (e.g. a place where interruptions will be minimal and where the atmosphere is conducive to a concentrated / focused effort)
  2. Help with creating a timetable and setting of priorities. Emphasize benefits of regular homework time yet allow for some flexibility. Please review your child's agenda book.
  3. Spend some time with your child but let him/her do the actual work.
  4. Ensure that unedited unmarked work is returned to school.
  5. Call or write a note if homework presented problems or could not be completed.
  6. Provide opportunities for your child to talk about school by asking specific questions which require explanations rather than "Nothing" or "Yes/No" replies. (e.g. 'What are you studying in Science at the moment?')
  7. Praise / encourage accomplishments. Note that some children choose to spend prolonged periods of time on topics of particular interest. Other long-term assignments should not wait to the last minute to get started.
  8. Encourage and promote the importance of reading and learning at home. Research clearly shows that reading to and with your child has long term benefits.
  9. If your child is absent from school for a period of time please ensure there is appropriate follow-up for any assignments missed.


  1. Teach students the skills required to study effectively (e.g. schedule planning, note-taking, partnering, memory helpers, use of student planners, time management, etc.)
  2. Monitor student agendas.
  3. Vary homework assignments to include practice, preparation for upcoming topics/events, extension assignments and creative applications.
  4. Inform parents of upcoming topics, important dates and when homework responsibilities have been neglected. Communication is on- going.
  5. Coordinate homework with other staff to avoid overload.
  6. Clearly explain the purpose and nature of assignments to students.
  7. Check homework on a regular basis and provide student with feedback.
  8. Offer remedial assistance beyond regular class time.

Why Homework ?

  • It builds effective study habits. 

  • It develops personal responsibility.

  • It helps establish regular routines.    

  • It consolidates learning.  

  • It informs parents about current curriculum.

    Teachers, parents/guardians and students are all partners in the homework process!

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