Student Code of Behavior


Disrespect to a member of the staff, including substitute teachers, will be treated seriously and will be dealt with severely.

Disrespect of other students will NOT be permitted.

An act of serious misbehavior may result in automatic suspension.


Each student will behave in a way that:
1.   Shows personal responsibility for learning. 
2.   Enables all to learn.
3.   Lets the teacher teach effectively.
4.   Allows each student to feel safe from any form of abuse.
1.      Show respect to others. Use of profane language cannot be tolerated.
2.      Treat others like YOU want to be treated.
3.      Respect school property and the personal property of others. Help keep your classroom tidy.
4.      Play responsibly, respecting the rights of others.  Physical force, rough play, bullying, put downs and teasing are hurtful and will not be tolerated.
5.      Do your homework and do your best when completing your assignments.
6.      Walk in the school in a quiet and orderly manner.
7.     Wear clothing that is neat and appropriate for school. ‘Spaghetti string’ tops, and exposed mid sections are not permitted.  Shorts/skirts/”skorts” must, at least, cover half the thigh.  Exceptions can be made during PE class.
8.   The wearing of hats, coats, and winter clothing in class is prohibited.  Please remove your hat and wet/muddy footwear as soon as possible once you enter the building.
9.   Be on time for class and ready to work with your books and materials.
10.  Leave the building quickly at recess and lunch hour using the assigned exit door or report directly to an activity supervised by an adult.
11. Chew gum only after leaving school property. This will help keep our school and yard clean. No junk food except on special days designated by the teacher.
12. Follow the ‘No snowballing’ rule.
13. Cells phones are NOT permitted within the classroom, but may be used in other common areas throughout the day.
14. Ride bicycles safely (ride off school property). Use a helmet. 
15.  Leave skateboards, scooters and roller blades at home.
16.  Follow staff instructions in school, on the yard and during field trips / functions.
17.  Keep laser-pointing devices out of school except when requested as part of a science demonstration and supervised by a classroom teacher.
18. Use school equipment responsibly.
19. Follow the expectations for use of the Internet as defined in our school's 'Acceptable Use Policy'.
20. Remain on school property at all times during school time unless you have specific permission to leave.
Consequences vary depending on the incident.  Consequences for misbehavior may be recorded. 
Possibilities include
1.  Contact with parents                                            
2.  Counseling help / Solving your own problem
3.  Withdrawal of privileges
4.  Detentions
5.  Restitution
6. Removal from special activities
7.  Suspension
8.  Involvement of support services. (Agencies, medical assessments, police etc.)
9.  Any other consequence deemed appropriate by the school administration.

When evidence is available of student use, possession or trafficking of   drugs  (including alcohol) or other  illegal substances  and/or  weapons, the  student  may  be suspended  and/or  expelled  from  the school . A serious breach of unsuitable behavior may result in a suspension for the first offense. The SAFE SCHOOLS’ POLICY implements zero tolerance for unacceptable behaviors.  Assault, racial incidents, willful damage to school property, repeated acts of intimidation and theft will result in immediate suspension. 

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