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Human Resources Committee

Commissioners - Gary Briand (Chair), Mary Ellen Beaulieu (Vice-Chair), Wade Gifford (Secretary), Mike Clarke, Ron Mundle, Kathy Mackenzie

Members - Natascha Joncas (Director General), Diane Smith (Director of Human Resources)

Committee Type:

Standing Committee to the Board


Six (6) Commissioners, the Director General, the Director of Human Resources. The term of office for the Commissioners on the Committee shall be for 2 years.

Committee Chair and Vice-Chair:

The Committee's Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary shall be chosen at the first meeting from among the Commissioner appointed to the Committee.


Quorum consists of four (4) of the six (6) Commissioner members of the Human Resources Committee, along with the Director of Human Resources.

Meeting Frequency:

At least four times a year (and at the call of the Chair) on the Wednesday preceeding the Regular Board meetings. Times for these meetings will be at 4pm, unless agreed otherwise by the Committee.

Meeting Access:

All Committee meetings are closed to the public. Commissioners may attend by VCN, telephone or in person.

Staff Support:

The Director of Human Resources will coordinate the provision of reports and documents to the Committee and assist with preparation of meeting agendas.


The Human Resources Committee shall provide recommendations to Council on matters such as:

  • Assist the commissioners in developing an expertise and experience with the selection criteria for persons to be appointed by the school board under sections 96.8, 110.5, and 198 of the E.A.;
  • Carry out any other task assigned to it by the Council, and by law;
  • Establish delegation of powers given to the Director of Human Resources;
  • Report to Council according to scheduled meeting calendar;
  • Establish & Review Human Resource policies.


2018-12-05 Human Resources Committee Meeting