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Governance and Ethics Committee

Commissioners - Keith Eldridge (Chair), Wade Gifford (Vice-Chair), George Hayes (Secretary), Kerry Dickson, Kathy Mackenzie.

Members - Natascha Joncas (Director General), Margaret Ann Cooke (Secretary General)

Committee Type:

Standing Committee to the Board


Five (5) Commissioners and the Director General. The term of office for the Commissioners on the Committee shall be for 2 years.

Committee Chair and Vice-Chair:

The Committee's Chair, Vice-Chair and Secretary shall be chosen at the first meeting from among the Commissioner appointed to the Committee.


Quorum consists of three (3) of the five (5) Commissioner members of the Ethics and Governance Committee, along with the Director General.

Meeting Frequency:

At least six times a year on the Wednesday preceeding the Regular Board meetings. Times for these meetings will be determined by the Committee during the first meeting.

Meeting Access:

All Committee meetings are closed to the public. Commissioners may attend by VCN, telephone or in person.

Staff Support:

The Secretary General will coordinate the meetings and documents to the Committee and assist with preparation of meeting agendas.


The Governance and Ethics Committee shall provide recommendations to Council on matters such as:

  • Assisting the Council of Commissioners in the designation of co-opted members;
  • Developing, updating and overseeing the Rules of Internal Management of the Council of Commissioners and Executive Committee as well as updating the Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct applicable to Cimmissioners;
  • Hiring and Evaluating the Director General;
  • Reviewing Governance policies.


2018-12-05 Governance and Ethics Committee Meeting
2019-01-16 Governance and Ethics Committee Meeting
2019-02-13 Governance and Ethics Committee Meeting