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Committee Type:

Standing Committee to the Board

Composition: Article 179 EA

Four (4) Commissioners, including the Chair, and at least one Parent Commissioner and at least one Co-Opted Commissioner if any. The Director General and the Secretary General take part in the sittings. The term of office for the Commissioners on the Committee shall be for 2 years.

Committee Vice-Chair: Article 155.1 EA

The Committee's Vice-Chair shall be chosen at the first meeting from among the Commissioner appointed to the Committee.


Quorum consists of four (4) of the six (6) Commissioner members of the Executive Committee, along with the Director General.

Meeting Frequency:

Wednesdays at each month, except for July and August where no meeting will be held unless deemed necessary by the Chair. Times for these meetings will be determined by the Committee during the first meeting.

Meeting Access:

All Committee meetings are closed to the public. Commissioners may attend by VCN, telephone or in person.

Staff Support:

The Secretary General will coordinate the meetings and documents to the Committee and assist with preparation of meeting agendas.


The Executive Committee shall provide recommendations to Council on matters such as:

  • Reviewing monthly board meeting agendas and addressing issues including drafting of motions to be brought forward;
  • Carrying out the functions delegated to the Executive Committee by the Council of Commissioners;
  • Reviewing bylaw on Delegation of Powers to the Executive Committee, and bringing recommendations for change to the Council of Commissioners;
  • Submitting a report of its activities and actions to each Regular Meeting of the Council of Commissioners;
  • Receiving the opinion from the Student's Ombudsman on complaints and considering his recommendation of appropriate corrective measures.